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Welcome to our first ever online print sale FUNDRAISER!

The proceeds from the sale of these wonderful prints will go towards the purchase of a new printing press and equipment and furnishings for our soon to be realized new studio at the decommissioned Middle School on Salt Spring Island. We've been offered a room there (700+ sq ft) and it needs things like cabinets, storage cupboards and chairs to make it a comfortable, efficient place to make prints! 

All prints are $50, $100 or $150. There are also sets of 5 cards for $25/set.


We will donate a portion of the sale proceeds to a recognized Ukrainian relief organization.  

Help support your community print studio! 

Click on each print to get a more detailed image (not available on smart phones). All measurements are the print size in W" x H".

If you wish to purchase a print, email giving the title of the print  by clicking here:


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