Nora Layard

It was love at first pull… my fascination with printmaking over the past decade and more has led to much experimentation, new learnings, and even some travel. I continue to follow my first passion, reduction wood cuts, but lately I’ve been trying out engraving and collography techniques.  The natural world continues to inspire me and I looks forward to creating new works that speak to our environmental and social crises.


If you would like to inquire about any of my prints please email me:


Fulford Beauties


Reduction Woodcut

Size: 14"x 10"

image014 NL.jpg

Here be Dragons


Reduction Woodcut

Size: 4"x 4"


Pic du Midi,

Pyrenees, France


Reduction Woodcut

Size: 10"x 14"

Sunrise over Mt Maxwell.JPG

Sunrise over Mt Maxwell


Reduction Woodcut

2021-08-06 (2).png



Reduction Woodcut

Size: 8"x 10"

image013 NL.jpg

19 Covids


Drypoint etching

Size: 4"x 4"

image012 NL.jpg

Fulford Beach Tire


Aluminograph & Drypoint

Size: 4"x 4"

Forest Lights 2.JPG

Forest Lights 2



2022-10-30 (4).png