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I am a multidisciplinary artist working two and three dimensionally. Recently printmaking has become my preferred two-dimensional form of expression, especially reduction wood cuts.  Form, line, and abstraction interest me, as well as, the out-of-kilter quotidian, events in nature and anything else that interests me.

Pamela Plumb IMG_5807.jpg

Downy Web Dome Spider 


Lino block 

Size: 7.5"x 10"

Pamela Plumb IMG_5797.jpg

Night Descending on Day


Reduction Woodcut 

Size: 6"x 9"

Pamela Plumb IMG_5790.jpg



Reaction Wood print

Size: 9"x 6"

Pamela Plumb IMG_5794.jpg

The  Arrest of a  Wet’suwet’en Matriarch

Lino block

Size: 9"x 7"

Based on Amber Braken photo

IMG_5805 Pamela's.jpg

The Storm

Reduction Wood cut

Size: 8"x 9"

Pamela Plumb.jpeg

Even the Small Cast a Shadow


Wood Reduction print

Size: 6" x 9"

image1 (1)_edited.jpg

Guitar in a Landscape


Wood Reduction print

Pamela Plumb.jpeg

Conversation with Wood


Mono wood relief print

20" x 11"

2022-10-30 (5).png


Lino reduction

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