Carborundum Workshop     June 11, 2022

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Date: Saturday, June 11, 2022

Place: All Saints by the Sea, 110 Park Drive, SSI

Time: 10 am - 4 pm

Price: $50 members, $55 non members

Materials Cost: $20 (in addition to price of workshop)

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What is carborundum?  A hard chemical compound containing silicon and carbon, it is a semiconductor, but is more widely used as an abrasive for industrial applications. Printmakers in the 1930’s started using it to make collagraph plates by sifting ground-up carborundum over glue. More recently AKUA developed a gel that can be drawn onto plates or put through silk screens to create mezzotint like images.


Join Nora Layard and Johanna Hoskins for a fun day of learning about this versatile material!  You’ll need to bring a few simple supplies (materials list to be sent to registrants), 2 reference images (4"x 6”, simple design, with strong values, photographs or drawings) and we’ll supply paper, plates, screens, ink and carborundum gel.  We’ll experiment with creating 2 prints: a mezzotint like print, and a painterly effect.


No experience is necessary. This workshop is for all levels.